Our People

We’ve got the best people in the business. We are proud to be Filipino; we are friendly and peace-loving. We are industrious and love helping our locators grow their businesses.

Chairman Emeritus & Director

Mr. Geronimo B. de los Reyes, Jr.

Geronimo B. de los Reyes, Jr. is the Chairman Emeritus of Gateway Property Holdings, Inc. (GPHI), a company engaged in vertical and horizontal real estate development and is the holding company of Gateway Business Park (GBP), an industrial estate which he built in 1989. Prior to GBP, Mr. de los Reyes was either the proponent or a major partner/shareholder in eleven other corporations he had founded during the last three decades here in the Philippines and abroad, all related to the development and construction of high rise office buildings, condominium offices and apartments.

Director / Vice President

Mrs. Ma. Lourdes G. Herrera

Mrs. Ma. Lourdes G. Herrera is the President of GBR Foundation and Vice President for Business Operations and Development of Gateway Property Holdings Inc. Prior to her position in GPHI, she has held various leadership positions in both public and private sector. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science in Assumption College and a Masters of Business Administration in the Ateneo de Manila University.

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