Our People

We’ve got the best people in the business. We are proud to be Filipino; we are friendly and peace-loving. We are industrious and love helping our locators grow their businesses.
Philip Sigrif A. Fortun

Chairman & President


Mr. Fortun has been legal counsel of the company since 1995 and director for over a decade. Although practising law and involved in major litigation in first level and collegiate courts, he is counsel for publicly listed property development companies, AAAA-rated general building contractors, and HLURB-registered associations. He has assisted the company in both corporate and litigation issues and those of some locators who had consulted him on their own concerns. Bringing with him the exposure and experience arising from his being consultant of companies engaged in manufacturing, telecommunications, banking and finance, property development, transportation and logistics, Mr. Fortun has also effectively managed the company’s operations on various occasions as a member of its Board.



Ms. Rebagoda has been effectively caring for and addressing concerns of locators of the Business Park for almost a decade, and is the principal engineer that oversees the Business Park’s technology, water source, and waste-water facilities. She handles all estate management concerns of the Business Park, and supervises operations of the GBR Museum that is a must-see for both foreign and local tourists, and school children who visit it the whole year round. Ms. Rebagoda is an effective leader and administrator who tirelessly sees through the maintenance of its common facilities, road systems, and security operations.

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